Voice alerting

If the worst comes to the worst, things have to move fast. But speed is not everything: to evacuate a large number of people safely from a big building, clear voice alerting is indispensable. Scientific studies have proven that buildings can be evacuated much more quickly and panic situations can be avoided if a professional and precise voice alerting system is used. macom, Germany's leading engineering company for audiovisual (AV) communication solutions, plans holistic and classical audio solutions with integrated voice alerting systems, in compliance with the various standards and regulations.

Professional planning and leverage of synergies
Public buildings often require rapid response and safe voice alerting systems. A high-performance voice alerting system has to meet two requirements: it has to point out a dangerous situation and evacuate the danger zone as safely and as quickly as possible. Instead of having two parallel systems, the specialist engineers of macom have designed a high-performance audio system with an already integrated voice alerting mode, because a powerful system can also use components for voice alerting which are primarily used for functional acoustic irradation. Holistic audio systems planned by macom offer a cost-effective synergy of both voice alerting and functional acoustic irradation.

Standardized, well functioning voice alerting
In the initial planning stage the specialist engineers of macom incorporate the local conditions of the relevant rooms and their room acoustics in their thinking, because a standardized and well functioning voice alerting system needs a certain acoustical pressure and intelligibility. macom also takes into account the design and quality requirements of the client as well as, for example,  the type of louldspeaker or the mounting option.

Customer advantages through holistic planning of an integrated voice alerting system

    • Synergy effect of functional irradiation and voice alerting
    • Reduction of the number of individual components
    • Reduction of the investment volume
    • Operational and functional safety of the PA system
    • Compliance with the following standards: EN 60849, DIN VDE 0833-4, VDE 0828, DIN EN 54-16
    • Cost-effective functional add-on through complementary multi-room sound irradiation

    Future-oriented customers can avail themselves of the entire range of services of macom: the comprehensive consulting, the manufacturer-independent selection of the individual components and a planning service which takes account of the entire building life cycle – all from a single source, from Germany's planning specialist for audiovisual (AV) communication solutions.

    AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

    Voice alerting