CCTV-systems (Closed Circuit Television) offer solutions for discriminating security issues. macom plans secure and powerful systems for video surveillance

  • which comply with the special security objectives as specified together with the client,
  • taking into account the individual requirements and local object conditions,
  • incorporating the know-how about legal requirements, regulations and standards,
  • and which comply with the standard DIN EN 50132 which defines alarm systems for security measures.

A professionally planned video surveillance system contributes significantly to the security of people and appliances. Nowadays, a video surveillance mode can be integrated into a modern media technology system without any problems. The specialist engineers of macom design only one comprehensive high-performance audiovisual (AV) system with integrated video surveillance according to the client's special requirements instead of two parallel systems.

High-performance technology in video surveillance systems
Unlike conventional video recordings, professional video surveillance is not about „nice“ pictures but about high-quality pictures which can be evaluated quickly – professional surveillance, round-the-clock, under all light and weather conditions. A unambiguous identification of facts and/or persons in the picture must be guaranteed, in department stores, parking lots, in forensic psychiatry, in train stations, airports and, more than ever, in football stadiums.

Intelligently applied video surveillance offers many benefits. For example, a powerful video surveillance system can keep many areas of a building under surveillance autonomously by means of integrated video sensors. In museums, for example, mechanical barriers protecting the exhibits can be reduced or even become no longer necessary.

Easing the burden on security personnel through professional video surveillance
The objective of macom's planning specialists is to ease the burden on the security personnel by reducing the number of video pictures which need to be surveilled to a manageable number, thus enabling the personnel to identify events quickly and reliably and analyze them without delay. A practical arrangement of the video cameras facilitates virtual guard rounds and relieves the security personnel.

Customer advantages through holistic planning by macom

  • Defined recording time and quality of the video surveillance
  • The right camera for the area to be surveilled
  • Sufficient illumination of the relevant surveillance areas
  • Camera technology suited to the requirements of the object
  • Ease of operation of the video surveillance system
  • Durable and future-oriented video surveillance


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Video surveillance