Video Conference Solutions

State-of-the-Art Video Conference Technology

These days, face-to-face audiovisual communications – via video conferencing – provide a decisive advantage over traditional, passive conference room solutions. The range of technologies in this arena go from simple mobile solutions to high-end, completely integrated spaces with high-resolution cameras and broadcasting equipment.


Comprehensive Integral Planning Approach

Beyond the obvious technological challenges, effective video conference room planning also requires thorough consideration of the spatial conditions in order to create a harmonious interaction for the various media being used. The best and most modern technology is only an advantage if it is set up to handle the demands of the application at hand.


New Ways of Collaborations

In order to successfully communicate using video conferencing systems, it is important to take into consideration the needs of the people (users) involved. Pre-requisites: Intelligent user interface, intuitive system operation, easy-to-use equipment.


Customer Benefits

By using new methods of communication, resources are used more effectively and costs are reduced. Working hours are transferred back from the car/train/airplane to the office, which allows to use time more efficiently and optimize employee core competencies. Each participant’s
quality of work will increase considerably.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Video Conference Solutions