Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics Design

A crucial element for successful events is perfect speech intelligibility and an even distribution of sound levels. Whether new constructions or modernizations – the room acoustics design is just as important for the well-being as interior design, lighting and colors, and should be part of the planning process from the very beginning.


macom provides Comprehensive Acoustics Consultation

macom offers manufacturer-independent consultation, which allows to offer a prequalified and neutral range of products and services that can be adjusted to suit individual specific needs. If the acoustic design process begins in the planning phase of a space, the investment is not only worth the effort, also expensive incorrect planning is avoided from
the very start.


High-End Solutions for Acoustic Comfort

  • Acoustic design and consultation
  • Electroacoustic simulation + Acoustic testing
  • Neutral consultation for acoustic equipment


Project Acoustic Design

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Room dimensions and layout proposal
  • Acoustic simulation
  • Acoustic proposals
  • Auralization
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Detailed construction solutions
  • Noise and vibration reduction proposals

Project Management Acoustic Design

  • Works management
  • Construction supervision and/or inspection
  • Acoustical measurements for quality checking
  • Final acoustical checking


Customer Benefits

  • Efficient communication and concentration = Intelligent acoustic insulation in the workplace
  • Enjoying lectures = Optimum speech intelligibility in classrooms
  • Successful seminars and speeches = Transporting the right message to the very last rows of people
  • Holding confidential meetings = Guaranteeing discretion with the right acoustic insulation


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Room Acoustics