Presentation Technology

Successful Communication with Optimum Integrated Presentation Technology

macom develops draft proposals for a centrally controlled, simple and intuitively useable presentation technology and creates optimum parameters for the communication of information in a quick, compact and clear manner.

Convincing Solutions: Professional Presentations, Communications and Comprehensive Information

  • Planning and standardizing of conference rooms: Perfectly integrated presentation technology contribute a crucial share to the success of any conference. Standardizations create price advantages and reduce the operating costs.
  • Video conference solutions: An interaction of technical aspects and spacial conditions. The latest video conference technology helps in designing new ways of working, thus using ressources more effectively, increasing the work quality and reducing costs.
  • Modern presentation technologies create optimum conditions in function rooms using modern presentation technologies, such as large-sized visualisation solutions and flexible audio and microphone concepts.
  • Modern and custom-made presentation technologies with digital direction finders: direct visitors quickly and easily to their destination and react in a flexible and quick manner in case of changes
  • Inform visitors using innovative and modern digital information systems
  • Design multi-media rooms using sophisticated presentation technologies and create brand and product worlds which provide a sensual experience: holographic, spatial, esthetic, analog, object-like, sculptural and medial.

macom supplies economic and future-oriented solutions in presentation technologies which strengthen our customer relations, allow us to acquire new customers and to stand out among competitors.

Successful Presentation using Multimedia Accouterment

  • Video and data projection
  • Large format projection
  • LED walls
  • Interactive presentation
  • Rear projection
  • 3D projection
  • Media control


The presentation technology designed and planned by macom goes to the very limits of what is achievable in terms of exciting experiences. Examples:

3D Technology: macom has mastered stereoscopic techniques and – for 4D techniques – The integration of special effects so perfect that this presentation technology can always involve visitors with motion and environmental effects in the action and thereby make them excited again and again.

: They do not only rule the classroom as a digital "whiteboard", with interactive presentation techniques they are perfectly suited to make the content dynamic.

Brand Space: When macom takes on this task, even abstract market scenarios can be staged in a very impressive way with multi-media presentation technology.

Multitouch: This technology has been around for a long time to be used to conquer small-scale applications and large-scale presentation forms. This is a challenge which macom likes to have for very demanding presentation technology.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.


Presentation Technology