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Maximise Potential

Supplier-independent, as realistic as it gets and unique within Germany: use the macom media technology lab to plan and experiment with your own future workspace ideas.

Using interactive solutions with a strong focus on modern media and collaboration tools makes it easier to keep meeting facilities, co-working areas and innovation labs adaptable and agile.


The question is: which solutions are right for your specific requirements? And which possible scenario really has the potential to add value for you?

Find out by using the macomLAB:

The media technology lab run by macom is the only supplier-independent innovation hub in Germany for experimenting, experiencing and evolving state-of-the-art presentation, communication, interaction and collaboration systems.

You determine your exact requirements with us and we’ll help you find the right solutions and leverage added value

The macomLAB offers you full access to a facility spanning over 120 square metres for simulating and testing fully adaptable workspaces, meeting areas and modern collaboration environments. It’s the ideal place to work shoulder to shoulder with our technology experts, who’ll help you plan and define the exact requirements for your new workspaces. By working systematically through a series of hardware and software shootouts, we enable you to capture the technical solutions that make the most sense for your project requirements. The facility also helps you determine technical standards for future projects. This provides a basis for our experts to prepare for these standards, certifying hardware and software systems directly in the macom media technology lab.

Test your products under real working conditions in line with genuine customer requirements, mixing and matching with solutions offered by other producers.

Develop concepts for your collaboration areas and draft your plans in the macomLAB

The macomLAB offers you direct access to facilities spanning over 120 sq m to develop, test and plan your future workspaces

macomLAB services

  • A research and innovation platform for future meeting areas and new workspaces
  • Independent testing and certification facilities for development projects and defining AV standards
  • An agile collaboration and co-creation area for customers and employees
  • An integration and testing environment for hardware and software producers

Who to contact
Simon Badr
+49 (0)711 250050
Xing profile: Simon Badr

Schillerstraße 45
73054 Eislingen/Fils

The macomLAB offers you a supplier-independent research instrument for working on your future meeting areas and new workspaces.

Certifying your media technology and defining standards in the macomLAB opens the door to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Innovations emerge best in environments where people can let loose with their creativity and work however they need to with others: make use of the macomLAB.