Lighting Design, Planning and Consulting

Together with our partners at Rheinlicht Beratende Lichtplaner, we design and plan comprehensive lighting solutions for all types of building illumination. Our lighting concepts are always specifically tailored to unique requirements – fully aligned with both the architecture and interior design, and impartial in terms of manufacturer selection. Harmony between aesthetics and function is our hallmark.  

Creating new realities with light
Carefully considered lighting can have a positive impact on the atmosphere of a room by creating ambience and awakening emotions. The spaces created by architects and interior designers are fundamentally shaped by the diverse ways in which lighting is applied. Lighting effects can be used in a myriad of ways to interpret the architecture itself, depending on the desired effect.


Enhancing spatial quality and perception
Factors like time of day or occasion will influence how people make use of architecture or interior design. Spaces must be able to transform in order to accommodate any given situation. With professionally conceived lighting solutions that even take cultural aspects into account, we create the desired atmosphere – whether it should inspire feelings of safety, exclusivity, intimacy, festivity or other emotions. And this lends the spaces and the overall architecture the finishing touches of quality.

Intensity and dispersion, the selected color spectrum, the specific structure, and the way a light source shines all have a very particular effect on lighting’s ability to evoke emotion. Light quality is shaped by the types and number of light sources used, but also by the timing and interaction of the types of light, lighting colors, casting direction and lighting rhythm.

Harmonious balance of function, design and ambience.
Lighting concepts perfectly integrated into the architectural and interior design.

The right lighting for any project
Concepts for integral, energy-efficient and functional application of daylight and artificial lighting.

  • Feelings of comfort and relaxation thanks to warm lighting colors in restaurants, bistros and lounge areas in the food service and hotel industries.
  • Motivated, concentrated employees that outperform others thanks to direct and indirect light sources in modern offices.
  • Exhibits set in the perfect light to focus the observer’s eye on the key elements of displays in museums and galleries, as well as during presentations and exhibitions.
  • Memorable moments and strong emotions invoked by ideal lighting and projection at events, shows, trade fairs, on building façades and during presentations of all kinds.
  • The ability to relax and shut out the daily grind through non-intrusive, appropriately accented lighting in wellness areas.
  • Valuable showcasing of offers and products in storefronts and showrooms through suitable lighting effects to set yourself apart from the competition. Influence customer buying behavior by casting their attention in just the right direction.

Efficient and sustainable

  • Use of energy-efficient, controlled and individually adjustable lighting solutions.
  • Consulting on the maintenance or optimization of existing lighting systems.
  • Projection and planning for emergency and safety lighting in the field of building security.