macom Engineering and Consulting: Sustainable solutions throughout the complete AV life cycle

As a manufacturer-independent engineering company, macom is an ideal partner for advanced, customer-specific AV solutions. The key to creating end-to-end solutions that satisfy all needs lies in selecting premium, future-proof AV media technology and integrating this in an aesthetically appealing way for optimal interior design and a pleasant atmosphere.


Our team of specialists taps into many years of experience and is always on the forefront of the latest developments in AV technology, intelligent systems design and application processes. This ensures that each solution we provide can always be planned, enhanced or upgraded with state-of-the-art components.

macom AV life cycle management
Life cycle management entails continual customer support throughout all phases of the AV system’s life cycle – macom is a one-stop shop for the complete spectrum of services needed throughout the lifetime of your equipment. This life cycle solution is a guarantee of ultimate cost-effectiveness. Why? Because continual end-to-end support means your system remains productive and retains its value at all times. The macom philosophy of life cycle management not only guarantees that each AV system is planned and implemented to perfection, it also ensures that it delivers ultimate performance at all times. The high quality of the system is maintained, with plenty of options to enhance existing functions or, whenever technically feasible, to upgrade to new technology.

AV experts maintain your AV system – a lifelong commitment
Life cycle management starts with the initial idea and a comprehensive system concept developed by macom. This ensures each customer has a variety of attractive options to choose from. Once the desired system has been identified, the project enters the detailed planning phase. macom puts the project out to tender and awards the contract to an external, specialised AV systems integrator, whose job is to implement the project on site. By the time technical designs have been finalised, macom will have developed an operational model as a basis for identifying a suitable systems operator. This often helps reduce costs, even if the client has an internal service provider.

If required, macom can keep managing the project for you – even during live operation. This can, for example, include regular reviews, with checks to ensure the AV system is working optimally and being maintained properly. We can also examine whether it would be profitable to consider technical enhancements such as an update. Of course we always keep an eye on costs so we look carefully at practical alternatives and size up complexity risks for you.


Thanks to our broad base of skills and know-how – coupled with a consummate blend of engineering and consulting experience – macom is an ideal partner throughout the complete AV life cycle. macom guarantees consistently reliable use, with everything matched optimally to each specific application – from initial development of the concept, to consulting, planning, implementation and optimal operation of the system.