Interactive Meeting Rooms

Find Ideas and Create Concepts

macom develops concepts for the planning of customized video conference room solutions and takes into consideration not only existing as well as planned spaces, but also all aspects from equipment and lighting conditions to acoustics, indoor climate and conferencing technology.


Planning, Implementation, Operation

In addition to detailed planning for the most suitable video technology, arrangements also have to be made with the IT department and service providers. macom implements the selected solutions in close conjunction with its clients. To guarantee a successful system operation, macom also provides training sessions and operating concepts.


Customer Benefits

Today, companies can choose from a variety of powerful communication tools that provide real-time, face-to-face communication and realistic meeting environments.
Example: Standing in front of large (seamless) video walls, employees can communicate with each other at life size – maximum interest and motivation guaranteed.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Interactive Meeting Rooms