Planning Methods HOAI

According to the German Fee Schedule for Architects and Engineers HOAI ยง 1 there are nine phases of work.  The following work will be provided, either based on the HOAI or freely, during completion of your projects (excerpt of work):

Identification of Basic Requirements and Draft Planning (HOAI LP 1-3)

  • Production of requirements profile / specification
  • Concepts: Audio / video / signage / controls / event technology
  • Layout design
  • Operational overview with alternatives
  • Definition of interfaces to other contractors and trades
  • Cost calculations

Execution and Specification Planning (HOAI LP 5-7)

  • Erection and installation plans
  • Cable planning
  • Block diagrams
  • Scheduling
  • Detailed cost proposal
  • Production of specification documents / bill of quantities
  • Production of qualified tender list
  • Reseipt and evaluation of quotations
  • Tender negotiations
  • Assessment and recommendation of tenderers / price list

Site Supervision (HOAI LP 8-9)

  • Site training
  • Preliminary trade work (supervision and execution thereof)
  • Supervision of commissioning
  • Coordination and supervision of installation work
  • Checking for compliance with the bill of quantities
  • Technical analysis of documents
  • Specialist technical partial and final handover