Digital Information Systems

Planning and Designing Digital Information Systems

Digital signage is an innovative and modern method of strategically distributing and communicating information. Many companies are already using this platform as their corporate voice – both internally and externally. For a successful system implementation, content and system planning must take place simultaneously and the individual project phases have to be efficiently coordinated with one another.


Content Planning

In the first step, communication objectives are defined. The content needs to be established, the budget estimated, a benefits analysis developed. In the second step, the concepts for content, service, editorial office and operation are established.


System Planning

The system solution will be planned to present the content in an optimal visual and technical manner. Suitable software tools are selected to meet the defined requirements. Simultaneously, the connection to the company network is arranged with the involved departments.


Customer Benefits

As numerous as the possible applications.

  • Displaying company images
  • Reducing costs on human resources through automated information (e. g. signs), guidance and displays, welcome messages
  • Securing content in production areas
  • Assuring quality
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving utilization of interval time, use of idle periods
  • Reducing accident risks
  • Information platform for management, marketing, facility management, production departments, human resources, works councils, …


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Digital Information Systems