Digital Guidance Systems

Modernizing and Digitalizing Signage

This subject is often neglected because integral communication systems require great organizational effort to plan an effective guidance and signage system.


Record, Analyze, Consult

In the first step, macom takes note of everything required for the planned guidance and signage system, including a first budget estimation.

Defining a Guidance System, Creating a Concept

In the second step, macom delivers concepts such as customized guidance systems, taking into consideration the integration of potential digital information and advertising systems as well as any building security or fire protection requirements.

Plan, Bid, Implement

The appropriate guiding and display technology – from an iPhone to a large-format display – is planned down to the last detail. Then the integration of an information system is established and the interfaces for facility and event management are defined.


Customer Benefits

Get fast to a desired destination, save time with short distances, receive information immediately.
Using digital guidance systems, people are able to easily get to their meeting points and one can react flexibly to changes. macom expertise and methods shorten the planning phase and reduce expenses of internal resources.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Digital Guidance Systems