Deutsche Bank AG, Taunus buildings, Frankfurt; project ‘Blue’

2nd major project to date for Deutsche Bank – overall more than 10 projects executed thus far

Deutsche Bank decided to make good use of the refurbishment of its twin-tower Taunus buildings in Frankfurt. As part of renovations, they implemented a number of future-orientated ideas, particularly with respect to the environment.

The many requirements relating to the ‘green building concept’ were not only carefully addressed by the extensive media technology plan, they helped shape it. Media technology was integrated throughout, touching nearly every aspect of employees’ work at the fully refurbished Deutsche Bank headquarters. It was deemed particularly important to introduce adaptable, easy-to-use solutions that help improve the company’s carbon footprint. Products were chosen for their environmental friendliness and energy-saving qualities, even though they still had to be highly innovative.

Together, the twin towers in Frankfurt are considered one of the most eco-friendly buildings in the world. Their use of resources and energy efficiency have earned them the highest honours: LEED platinum and DGNB gold certification.

Following completion of the refurbishment of the two towers, the roughly 3000 employees now enjoy a truly modern working environment. A new area open to the general public is home to a ‘brand space’, which Deutsche Bank uses to make its brand more tangible for visitors.

Perfect integration of media technology
The aim of this was to meet a variety of requirements of each business unit in terms of conferencing and presentation tools. Handling of the media technology had to be as intuitive as possible to ensure that all employees use the systems extensively. Multi-functional rooms offer plenty of useful options to create space for presentations, video conferencing and data collection. It was also important to avoid frequent reservation conflicts and overlapping bookings. In addition, everything had to match from the video conferencing tools to the office furniture. Also all user menus had to offer dual-language navigation.

High technical standards meet appealing office aesthetics
On each floor there are a number of small, mid-sized and larger meeting and conference rooms. Most conference rooms feature videoconferencing tools used throughout the world. The large rooms are equipped with separate production equipment complete with interpreter booths. There are glass partitions for interpreters to follow the meetings. Projectors are available to display images on the back wall and the audio distribution includes full-scale CobraNet connections installed throughout the system.

The company’s Business Center also includes some highly sophisticated media technology. The facility extends across two floors and offers conference rooms and office space for external employees. The rooms can also be used by Deutsche Bank staff. As in all other parts of the building, this section was designed to make space as versatile as possible.

State-of-the-art media technology was installed at the top of B Tower. The 38th floor contains nine spacious rooms with video conferencing systems and a professionally equipped TV studio. The 37th floor offers meeting rooms fitted for the most part with additional media technology. Of course the board member’s offices are also fully equipped.

Smart solutions
All conference rooms allow access to prepared content on personal computers. A handy smart card lets users call up the desired files, so they no longer have to walk around with laptops or USB sticks. However if staff do actually prefer to bring their own equipment, there are still the required connections. The wiring of the meeting tables and other components is particularly interesting: connection ports and sockets are hidden behind a panel in the table and all of the cables run under the table to the floor in a cable conduit. There are none of the kinds of connection sockets normally found in floors. Instead, a new floor outlet was created with a multi-pin connector.

All technical equipment is easy to control thanks to intuitive and user-friendly wireless touchscreens. As part of the project, the user interface was redeveloped and standardised for international use. The control panel has been pre-configured with different usage options, offering a practical way to simply click on a button and be ready to start. This includes room lighting.

Usability was given special attention in the planning stages. External people unfamiliar with the technology were asked to test the system. One of the main priorities was to minimise the number of available options, so only the functions that staff deemed genuinely useful were set up as it simply did not make sense to cover off every technically possibility.

Digital signage and digital information systems
The electronic door signs provide information from the automatic room booking system. There are also plasma screens on large columns at the entrance to the conference room area to show room bookings. Each column is connected to the digital signage system along with several mirrored information screens. The LCDs in the lifts are also part of the digital signage system.

Brand Space – putting on a show for the Deutsche Bank brand
The Brand Space is open to the general public. Its aim is to portray the Deutsche Bank brand through modern technology to underscore emotional elements of the brand.

Deutsche Bank AG Taunusanlage – Planning „State of the Art“ Audiovisual Communication Solutions