Efficient Way of AV Resources: Prior,
During and After the Planning Stage

Benefits through Professional Consulting:

  • Future-proof consulting through years of experience in AV and IT Consulting
  • Reliable data for the project initiation
  • Relief through takeover of services during the planning stage
  • Securitization of the value and availability of the AV investment through the introduction of defined operational processes
  • Increasing the the operational efficiency through optimization of the technical functionalities and established methods
  • Measurable quality of the AV operation through the definition of clear service level agreements and monitoring processes

Modern AV projects develop in a more and more dynamic way and hence require more and more specialized and independent consulting on top of the classical planning services – macom takes account of this development in their new division Consulting and ensures that you as the client will always get performance-oriented and efficient solutions. At macom, proven specialists advise you independently in your individual projects or help you in an existing planning project – for example, with concepts and studies prior to, development and introduction of a defined standard operation during and optimization of the introduced technologies and processes after the engineering project.

Thus macom complements the existing service spectrum by two flexible consulting services and offers a comprehensive and sustainable service portfolio for the entire AV lifecycle.

macom Consulting Services: