Conference Room Planning and Standardizations

Meet, Confer, and Present – Space Planning for Seminars and Conferences

Sophisticated meetings and seminars enable high-level communication between clients, business partners and colleagues. Adequate planned media technology provides a decisive advantage to the success of a conference.


Small Conference Rooms

Small conference rooms are perfect for presentations in small groups or spontaneous meetings. Efficient audio, visual and operating technology adapted to suit the specific needs of the users will ensure both, effective performance and lasting impressions.


Mid-sized Conference Rooms

Professionally planned media technology solutions provide the ideal environment for audiovisual communication. With the precise selection of presentation technology and easy-to-use equipment, even the most sophisticated media requirements can be fulfilled for this type of space.


Large Conference Rooms

Due to their size and the number of participants, this type of space requires absolute optimum conditions in regards to readability of the presented contents combined with audio clarity for the speaker – in other words, these rooms demand the highest standards regarding intelligent media technology planning.


Customer Benefits

Standardization: an efficient way to reducing costs and saving time. Leads to volume discounts and minimized operating costs for support service, maintenance and replacement parts.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

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