Broadcasting / TV Studios

macom develops concept proposals for broadcast and TV studio environments which ensure the flexible use of all resources and ensure perfectly planned work ergonomics. Durable broadcast and TV systems can be used in an optimum manner.


macom develops appropriate solutions for  broadcast,  studio systems, infrastructure and complete production environments

When planning complex radio and TV production environments, existing work methods are associated with new technologies and well-conceived workflow concepts.

macom Offers Technical Concepts for:

  • TV production operations
  • Tri-medial production environments
  • Web-based media services
  • IP TV encoding & distribution
  • Radio production operations


macom broadcast and TV studio environments meet the current demands in terms of technology and cost effectiveness, and are therefore open to future innovations.

  • Movie and TV studios• Movie and audio postproduction
  • Music production studios
  • Grading and mastering suites
  • GI, SFX and graphics editing
  • Transfer and encoding
  • Computeraided production systems
  • Servers and storage solutions
  • Workgroup management concepts


Even very special applications can be implemented with macom’s know-how in broadcast. Examples:

Streaming: This method is possible with the support of macom broadcast as well as "on-demand" streaming and "live-streaming" on the highest level. This equally applies to publicly offered content (web radio and web TV) and for private applications, e.g. in the educational area (universities, companies). Hardware or software, all system components can be used based on their requirements – broadcast as macom understands it.

This communications solution can also be implemented perfectly by macom. Whether it is for press conferences or sales presentations – virtually every application can be presented. With its expertise in broadcast, macom is able to address individual requests.   

Podcast: Both on the creation and reception side, you have the best support with the most suitable technologies. Broadcast is an interesting format for certain target groups.


Customer benefits through integral consulting and planning of broadcast and TV studio environments:

The pressure is taken off the people in charge of editing, production and handling broadcast, so they can focus on what is most important.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Broadcasting / TV-Studios