Brand Space / Multimedia Rooms

Communicating your Brand and your Message in an Authentic and Genuine Way.

Brand spaces and multimedia rooms are ideal for delivering unique emotional experiences and effectively communicating the message and quality of a brand.

macom offers a wide range of services and technological methods to ensure visitors and clients truly experience the values and philosophies of a company:

Three-dimensional, spatial, aesthetical, analogical, objective, sculptural and medial.

This format of communication is multisensory and draws guests and visitors into the fold with a variety of visual, aural, contextual and interactive methods.

macom develops complete concepts and plans the technical realization for a wide range of branded environments. Working with creative partners, macom also creates audio brands for highly effective acoustic brand management, for example.

In addition, macom develops and plans multimedia spaces for efficient customer communications. The Goal: Emotionally and effectively experiencing a company’s history, values, visions and product portfolios.


Customer Benefits

Clients become Fans: Create brand experiences and generate sustainable enthusiasm, boost customer loyalty, attract new clients and clearly differentiate your brand from the competition.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Brand Space / Multimedia Room