Consulting Service:  AV Operations Management

Benefits through AV Operations Management:

  • Highly satisfied users as the defined, regular operation principles of your AV equipment become standard practice
  • Lower failure rates
  • More predictable budgeting thanks to a clearly defined scope of services with operators
  • Adaptable operation to business developments

    AV Operations Management:

    Development, introduction and testing of a standardized operation which will ensure the productivity of the AV system investment and hence will guarantee a consistently high user satisfaction through the use of efficient and established methods.

    • Development of customer-specific AV operating model
    • Tendering (RFP/RFQ) to identify the right AV operator for your needs
    • Transition of operating model to regular operation
    • Consulting and support during regular operation
    • Continual or one-off technical reviews and service audits

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    macom Consulting:

    Customized Services throughout the Entire AV Lifecycle 

    In order to account for the increasing demand of individual consulting services in the AV environment and the steadily increasing migration of IT and AV systems, macom has developed two powerful consulting services. Thus macom can support you in all your future AV requirements according to your needs.