AV Management System - The Path to Green Building

Comprehensive Central Control of Media Rooms

An AV management system greatly helps facility management to control, operate, monitor and maintain media rooms. The centralized system has a range of interfaces that connect with the building and security systems (e. g. lighting, shading system, HVAC, media technology, etc.).


Rooms can be set up for events from one central point and placed on timers from beginning to end. Vacancy can be used for maintenance intervals, which increases overall availability. Data from all of the processes is evaluated in order to achieve optimal energy efficiency for the rooms and systems. The system is crucial for preventive service work.


The Path to Green Building

AV management systems allow a resource-friendly use of media rooms. You achieve transparency in your energy consumption, motivate employees to support energy-saving methods, and create a positive image of using precious resources sensibly.


Customer Benefits

Saving resources and budget.

  • The initial costs are roughly 5 % of the costs for the media technology installation.
  • The amortization period is typically 1 – 1.5 years.
  • Reduction of overall operating and maintenance costs for media equipment is about 20 % over the whole operational period.
  • Availability of the media rooms can be increased from 82 % to 97 %.
  • Think Green! (DGNB, LEED and minergie requirements are fulfilled.)


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

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