Consulting Service:  AV Individual Services

Benefits through AV Individual Services:

  • Optimization of your daily core business
  • Risk minimization even before you start your project
  • High acceptance and efficiency of AV systems through standardization
  • Increase of performance of your AV systems

AV Individual Services:

Individual services for customer specific requirements within or outside an existing planning project. macom AV Individual Services guarantee tailored solutions to optimize your daily core business.

  • Business cases and design concepts
  • AV standardization
  • System evaluations and test runs
  • Regular technical and process reviews
  • Needs-based technical documentation


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macom Consulting:

Customized Services throughout the Entire AV Lifecycle

In order to account for the increasing demand of individual consulting services in the AV environment and the steadily increasing migration of IT and AV systems, macom has developed two powerful consulting services. Thus macom can support you in all your future AV requirements according to your needs.