Acoustic Irradiation

macom Audio Concepts are Perfectly Suited for the Local Conditions

Varied applications require different sound systems. The influencing variables of the surrounding space play an important part and are taken into consideration. The audio/sound technique is professionally planned and customized to meet the demands of your event and to guarantee an extraordinary sound quality through the use of modern software simulations and acoustic simulation and measuring technique.


We strive to achieve a clearly understandable, premium-quality, perfect sound experience.

The careful planning and selection of products are the prerequisites for achieving a state of perfect harmony between technique and building, including but not limited to loudspeakers, invisibly hidden in the wall or sound systems used as additional design elements.

The planning of the sound technique is subject to room-specific conditions as well as emission effects of loudspeakers, acoustic pressure, possible configurations of loudspeakers and locations as well as absorbing or resorbing  materials used in the room architecture.

Upscale sound systems for rooms or spaces are important elements of event technique. Extraordinary requirements for room acoustics and discriminating demands for understandability require a very careful integral planning process in order to control the complex interactions between the sound system and the room acoustics. Such rooms include lecture halls and churches as well as theater and concert halls.

Depending on the Intended Application, these Systems Fulfill the Most Diverse Challenges

  • Amplification of voice in a lecture hall or plenar hall
  • Sound exposure in concerts with several thousand auditors
  • Amplification of announcements in classical concert halls or theaters
  • Programming of theater effects
  • Support of individual voices or instruments
  • Amplification of concerts
  • Sound systems for open-air events in stadiums and big squares
  • Sound as an artistic design medium, used to specifically color voices or to create spacial sound effects  


Customer Benefits

macom plans and conceptualizes the sound systems for rooms using computer simulations and sophisticated acoustic measurement analyses. Thus we can guarantee planning security in the preliminary stages and a smooth progress of work in the construction phase.


AV: AudioVisual Communication with Media Technology.

Acoustic Irradiation